In today’s hectic schedule everyone seeks convenience first. This is why a cleaner that has a bag is in high demand in comparison to the bagless ones. Guess people are trying to move away from the pain of emptying and cleaning a bag repeatedly and hence prefer a disposable one. You can also try out professional services such as Carpet Cleaning to avoid all this. Disposable bag vacuum cleaners also have the advantage of being light weight and hence easy to maneuver and store. However, that does not hamper its ability to clean efficiently without losing suction amidst the cleaning process. This cleaner has a 30 feet extra-long power cord which helps you move conveniently around the house. This feature could be a blessing in case you have a larger house with many rooms. This cord makes it easier to move around without plugging and unplugging repeatedly. The extensions are easily attached to the cleaner and allow you to reach tough corners and crevices. It is as swift as the new age carpet cleaners.


One of the best features of this carpet cleaner is the HEPA mechanism which filters the air and keeps bacteria from festering in your house. This filter gets rid of 99.9% of dust, pollen and bacteria, is easily washable and lasts for a long time. It’s not only a light weight cleaner but can actually be controlled by your finger tip, it’s easy to maneuver and even your kids could do the cleaning at times whilst you take a break.

With the use of advanced technology, the new age carpet cleaners deliver the best cleaners in the market. It not only cleans your house but also ensures a dirt and dust free home. The superior filtration technique helps get rid of harmful bacteria and pollen, leaving the air you breathe clean and fresh.