Rental Management Software Brings Guarantee To The Management

Rental Management Software Brings Guarantee To The Management

In daily work it is fundamental to optimize and simplify the management of rentals, as well as all the tasks that are carried out in the activity itself. This is an issue that was taken into account in the development of your real estate management program. The agility and efficiency of the software were some of the main aspects that were taken into account in the development of the program. Rental management software has files where you can file the different guarantees and bonds of each property. To understand what this RMS does, you can read the Tokeet reviews, posted by various happy users. To give you a positive feedback, let’s have a clear look, what this software does.

Effective information search management

Complete information management system, where you can control the different actions associated with each property, allowing you to have an exhaustive control of all actions. It generates colorful liquidations where you can obtain all the movements of each property to be able to know the balance of each tenant. The Rental management software allows you to perform in various fields. Some of them are,

  • Register the corresponding files to the lessors, properties and tenants
  • Prepare the rental receipts and send them to the electronic banking collection
  • Issue the rental invoices, sending them to the tenants by mail or ordinary mail as they wish
  • Follow the unpaid bills and your claim
  • Keep the register of collections and payments by landlord

Conclusion: Address book Outlook type

It has an Outlook-type calendar which you can configure and adapt to your needs, having different views such as One day, weekly, monthly view, etc. also from the agenda itself, can control all pending actions to finalize. The data of the agenda can be exported to different formats, in order to be loaded in PDA devices.