When the mobile phone was introduced in the world they come with basic features which allows you to call or receive and a phonebook where you can save all your phone numbers. After that came the Java phones which have better features than the previous basic phones. As the technology advanced over the time android mobile phones came into the picture in which brought a revolution as you can access any website or application through your phone if there is an internet connection. You can install different applications and games. Talking about the games COC is one of those games which have replaced many video games which use to play on TV. COC stands for Clash of clans, a popular online mobile game where you have to defeat your rival to be on top.

Some basic information on clash on clans and hacks

It is an online strategy game for mobile where you have to form a clan to fight the other clans. A base or village will be provided to you at the start of the game from you can do mining and can create a troop with which you can attack another base. As you go further in the game your level goes up by defeating the rival clans, you can form allies with your friends too. The struggle to improve your rank gets tougher as the game progresses but there are some coc hacks which can help you to level up faster than usual. There are cheats which allow you to earn more gold, elixir, trophies, and gems and makes your game stronger.

If your struggling for a better position in the game you can look for some hacks and cheats on the internet, people also sell their username and password with a high ranking which you can buy from other players. Once you gain access to the hacks you need you can start the game and enjoy the progress faster.