How To Explore The United Arab Emirates On Vacation?

How To Explore The United Arab Emirates On Vacation?

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most attractive tourist designations all over the world. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the two largest cities of UAE where you can get luxury hotels, museums and many more facilities in a most effective manner. If you are planning to explore the United Arab Emirates on your next vacations then here are some ways that make your experience better and wonderful.

Surf in the Persian Gulf

Dubai, situated on the Persian Gulf has a small and thriving surf scene that make people amazed and able to gain high experience. If you want to score the best surf in the town then it is beneficial for you to take some guided lessons with surf houses Dubai. If you love surfing then you will surely love to visit Dubai and gain the experience of surf in the Persian Gulf.

Bargain for edible souvenirs in the Spice souk of Dubai

The Dubai Spice Souk is not just a play for visitors but it is also a full fledged market with the colorful arrays of the fresh food and dried spices. You can expect to bargain a bit as the prices here are not set in stone that helps you to save some money. Make sure to keep an eye on the fragrances and local specialists like saffron.

Ride horses in the Al Wadi Desert

Riding horse is one of the most adventures and fun things to do in dubai and you will be able to get the unrivaled experience of Emirate culture and nature.

Desert safari in style

Cruising through the desert in the SUV is a must for each and every person that visit the UAE. In addition to this, you can also enjoy the traditional Emirati food and cultural activities and dance in the most effective manner.