Harry Potter fans can now have a whole new mystery adventure experience by playing a newly launched game called the Hogwarts mystery. Here you can choose to become a male or female wizard and have the experience of a wizard. You attend daily lessons like harry potter did in school and can upgrade from year to year with advancement in the levels thus making the experience more relatable, adventurous and fun. But this game has several cheats which one can use to gain an upper hand. Remember the time when we use to search for hacks to get Pikachu as our first Pokémon similarly here also we have hacks to earn a huge number of gems and coins before starting with the game. We can earn up to 100,100 coins and 50,000 gems at the beginning of the game.

Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery hacks

You can go to RCheats.com/HarryPotter and put your username and operating platform and select the desired number of gems and coins. You obviously can choose the maximum limit. Then connect to a VPN app and continue with the human verification. Now reopen your Hogwarts mystery app and you can see your coins and gems count increasing rapidly.

These tricks are also available in German. You can just type harry potter hogwarts mystery hacks deutsch and search for sites to see these in Deutsch. One such popular website is spielecheat.de where you can get hacks in Deutsch. Besides this you should never complete any chapter of the game without completing all the quests this will help you make your house the yearly winning house. The winning house gets 100 gems which will help you upgrade the energy of your pets.

These tricks can definitely change the way of your adventure in the magical world.