Best 10 Shooting Games To Get Addicted To During The Holidays

Best 10 Shooting Games To Get Addicted To During The Holidays

Who does not like spending their free time playing games? Definitely, the answer will be many, but among all the gamers one genre is the most famous among the gamers, that is a shooting game. From great graphics to great stories, these games provide an ethereal mix of adrenaline rush and great visuals.

One can find several shooting games these days but some definitely stand out the crowd due to their performances, exciting gameplay and controls, and their storytelling styles. Every game is different and requires a certain level of gaming skills to be good at it. all one needs to do is download them from the official source mentioned on websites and start playing.

Shooting games to look out for

  • Call of duty: WWII

a famous and most sought after shooting games in recent times. this installment goes back to World War II and features no health regeneration system making it more deadly and challenging.

  • Wolfstein II

This game is still in the Nazis genre but with a different setup, in this, the set up is of a ruined America ruled Nazis. This game is known for its stupid fun and far from realistic action, but is also without any doubt one of the most entertaining FPS game.

  • Rising storm 2: Vietnam

This game focuses on some of the most important and controversial American wars, where players need to fight in different setups and use era-specific weapons. This intense game is a multiplayer game with different modes to chose from.

  • Ghost Recon Wildlands

this is a third person game and is both single and multiplayer. The story set up is an elite team named Ghosts who need to stop big drug cartels.

  • Sniper Elite 4

This shooter game though not from a big studio is still one the best in gameplay and graphics. This game is based on stealth and smartness to kill a Nazi general and stop German missions.

  • Argo

this is a multiplayer game to look out for if one is a fan of fictional locations and can also create their own missions. Here the players need to have five-on-five combat on land called Malden over the remnants of a space station.

  • Battlefield 1

this first-person shooting game is a winner for the best shooter game. It is based during the timeline of World War I and offers French and Russian maps and a variety of weapons and vehicles.

  • Day of infamy 

for those who want some real action packed challenges with reality induced in them then this game is the one to look out for. It is an online game and is set up in World War II era offering both Axis vs Allie’s based matches.

  • Star wars battlefront II 

based on star wars with all its characters from the series it is a game that can be enjoyed by those who live galaxy wars.

  • Playerunknown’s battlegrounds

this third-person shooting game through simple but have great elements like fighting, scavenging, exploring challenges.