What Is The Best Internet Speed For Online Gaming?

What Is The Best Internet Speed For Online Gaming?

Concept Of Online Gaming:

Online gaming has seen a drastic increase in its success rate over the last few years owing to the rapid response by the youth. Online games are a lot more adventurous and exciting than the downloaded once as they can also be played live with players from any part of the world.

Role Of Internet Speed:

Online gaming requires a significant amount of internet speed. Infact internet speed can affect the overall gaming experience. Good internet speed decreases the reaction time in the game. It increases the performance of the player drastically. It leads to the win easily. It’s essential as buffering can result in loss of the entire team.

Types of internet speed:

There are two types of internet speed- one is the upload

speed and other is the download speed. Both are equally crucial for flawless gaming sessions. Upload speed must be at least 1 Mbps while the optimum download speed is 3Mbps. Ping rates also play a vital role. Low ping rates of upto 20 Mbps are suggested. Very high ping rates lead to disqualification of the player. Ping rates under 50 ms are considered to be the most favoring. Different gaming systems declare different internet speed rates mandatory but these are the general required trends. It applies for single user-based games. In multiplayer games, the internet speed requirement is simply multiplied by the number of players in the game.


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Thus, good internet speed is the key to dodge the competition in online gaming.