The Awful Fortnite Festival Being Sued By Epic Games For Being A Hoax

The Awful Fortnite Festival Being Sued By Epic Games For Being A Hoax

 Fortnite is quite profound for its annual festival held over the world at certain times. It is a highly renowned festival where players, officials, game developers, celebrities and other personalities attend to take part in it and experience the joy of Fortnite together. The festival has been a huge success every time it was organized.

But recently, rumors suggested that another Fortnite festival was just held at England. And to add to the controversy itself, Epic Games claims that there has been no official announcement about this very festival and the organizers responsible for this festival had taken the company’s name and imagery without the authority’s permission. So, as reports say Epic has sued the organizers responsible for this.

What were the key features that attracted such a huge audience for such a show?

The organizers of the event kept certain things in mind before putting up the so-called the Exciting Events Limited festival. They setup some basic things that every gaming festival does to collect their audience. There were a bunch of computer setups with the free-to-play Fortnite game installed which are to be used only for a decent amount of fee. To be specific about the fares, it said that it took around 10-12 Euros for each game. And to add to the atmosphere around, there were some lame diversions including fake personnel and guests.  A temporary website matching those of the genuine ones was also hosted for online attention to the event which the company didn’t have any information about till the last minute when the website was taken down.

What effects did this very event have on Epic Games?

The quality of their game be it either off the server or in server has been their highest priority since the beginning and they ought to perform their best in that. They have been successful in meeting the player’s demands and bringing exciting new features into the game to keep their audience involved and also keeping in mind their growth and development of their ability to take on other competitors.

With the confirmation being that Epic Games was not at all involved in the event held at Norwich, they issued a charge against the organizers, Exciting Events Limited in the High Court of London to compensate for identity theft.

Epic games have always claimed their best in trade services but this certain event has opened up a minor hole in their services. This led to a tremendous loss in trust and security of the company’s reputation. And this has led to the cease of all trading activities associated with Exciting Events Limited and the director has also put a cease on all the third-party associations as soon as possible.

These third-party services also include V-Bucks generators that also use trading licensing associated with the company. For instance, V-bucks Fortnite kostenlos use this certain method to trade v-bucks for free in-game. It may look free and accessible to the players but it has a certain mechanism that collects the charge efficiently.