Important Tips For Beginners Of Paintball Who Have Never Played The Game Before

Important Tips For Beginners Of Paintball Who Have Never Played The Game Before

If you don’t know what to expect from a paintball game and is new to this sport then this article is definitely for you. Paintball is definitely great fun to play and here are a few cautions that you must remember since you are playing the game for the first time so that you do not end up hurting yourself.

 Types of paintball games

Paintball game is mainly of 3 types:

  • Woodsball
  • Scenario
  • Airball

If you are starting out try starting with woodsball. It is the most basic form of paintball game and will help you learn the game in a better way.

The main caution during paintball games

Make sure you wear proper gears and invest in it because if you get shot from a close-range paintball can be really hurtful. The pain is quite a bit so do not ignore protecting yourself.

What is a paintball marker?

  1. A paintball marker is the other term for a paintball gun or a paint gun. This is the most important equipment of your game. Choose a basic gun preferably non-electronic if you are a beginner this will help you to gradually understand the gun better. If you have played previously and want to invest in an electronic gun go ahead.
  2.  Major rules of paintball
  • Your head should be covered so that you do not get hurt on your face. This is important and does not break this rule.
  • The decision of the referee is final do not try to disobey the referee’s comment.

Thus, paintball is a very fun game if you maintain the safety regulations properly. It is not a dangerous game but you must follow the rules so that no one is hurt during the game. So, go ahead and enjoy your game and stay safe.