How to Save Long Distance Relationship From Breaking-Up

How to Save Long Distance Relationship From Breaking-Up

Long Distance Relationship is one of the hardest situations of all.   So near and yet so far, that is the usual drama for LDR or long distance relationship.

Thank God, we already have all forms of communication to relieve missing the other person. Video calls like Skype, Viber and WeChat are some of the most common chat platforms where the couple can engage in a private conversation.

No matter how much you love one another, long distance relationship doesn’t survive most of the time. If the couple has withstood the test of time, then it is only then that their love has surpassed all kinds of challenges for their relationship.

However, every LDR or long-distance relationship has its pros and cons. Take a look if this is really true for those engaging in an LDR.

Pros of LDR

It allows you to have enough space for each other.

It tests both of you how seriously you love one another.

It makes the heart grow fonder.

It saves you from pre-marital or unprotected sex.

Cons of LDR

It is a big threat to loyalty and honesty.

It may cause the one or both partner to flow apart.

It can create big emotional distance.

Weighing both the advantages and disadvantages of LDR, you should think and decide whether to continue the relationship or not. After all, it is both of you who will make up for the relationship.

One thing that makes LDR a very hard situation is the sexual maturity of both parties. One may go astray because he cannot live without sex.

However, if you really want to stay loyal to your significant other, you must learn how to control yourself.

How to Practice Self-Control when in LDR?

There are a thousand and one ways to do if you really wanted to stay loyal to your partner.

         Video Calls

When you engage in a private video call with your partner. You can always have virtual sex.   It is considered exciting by sex experts and said to be saving most relationships nearing break-ups.

       Use Revel Body

You and your partner can both use Revel Body. It can keep your mind away from having sex with another person. Revel body is a sonic vibrator which brings you ultimate sexual satisfaction.

Getting sexually gratification alone saves you from infidelity.