Creating a Gantt Chart using Microsoft Excel

Creating a Gantt Chart using Microsoft Excel

There are many ways in creating a gantt chart. One of it is through Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel is a very sophisticated app when you want to make a gantt chart. Now let’s focus on creating the gantt chart.

First is you must have your own unit of computer, a tablet is okay but it’s much better if you do in on a laptop or computer. If you already have a free installed Microsoft Excel in your compute we can proceed then. Will if you don’t have yet, you better download and install it on your unit. Let’s get going on then.

Follow the easy steps below in making a Gantt Chart.

  1. Starting up and Filling in – Open the Microsoft Excel, in the spread sheet select a range of column. Let’s see you select C2-C7. Fill in with different numbers the range of column you selected—just for trial. Then follow step 2…
  2. Exploration stage – Explore on the insert tab, look for the chart group. In the chart group, find out the bar and click on it then select the stacked bar. That’s it, a chart will appear showing the content you fill in the first step. You will be amaze as how easy it is to create a gant chart. Continue with the third step then.
  3. Experimentation – If you have followed the step 1 and 2 then you can experiment and make your own gantt chart. Try out another feature on the spreadsheet. That’s the third step!!!

Note: For other reference and other information you can search for online gantt chart maker. Look for other examples in the internet and apply what you have discovered. All you have to do is to browse in the web. Another piece of advice, please do explore other options and other strategies so that making a Gantt Chart will be easy for you.