Amusing User Manuals Ever Published

Amusing User Manuals Ever Published

Creation of user manuals has evolved over time. For some, user manuals or sometimes called instruction manuals don’t have to be boring and plain. The best way to engage readers to read such documents and to easily understand them is to create them in an amazing and engaging way. Here are some of the amusing user manuals ever created.

Windows Farm’s Information Design Book

This user manual is designed for urban farming movement. It serves as the guidelines and basis on the methods and procedures of urban farming. What makes it different from other user manuals is that it showcases folded posters, infographics, and other farming journals. Each chapter is sewn across the folded sheet of the paper. Basically, it engages its readers by the design and style of the manuals. The way it is created is quite unusual from other user manuals.

Nooka Manual

This manual is printed out in a big pink paper giving an engaging plus factors to the readers. All the necessary information and procedures can be seen in just one layout. This gives ease to the readers in understanding the entire process.

Swissa Junior Manual

Same as Nooka Manual, this document pertains to the proper usage of a typewriter in a sustainably designed layout. The instructions and process are both printed in just one page allowing the readers to easily understand them.


It is a popular user manual that is hard to understand. This change the traditional way of user manuals are being used. But in the opposite view, this user manual is believed to be the simplest method. This provides shortcuts for programmers to deal with complex and complicated equations and formulas. This is made as a parody for some programming data available in the 1900s, making it one of the most popular user manuals ever published.