Some people may say that a gasoline-powered weed wacker is considered the best weed wacker in the market. However, it is not the right conclusion. The best weed wacker is the one that is tailored fit to your needs.

Moreover, owning a weed wacker entails a lot of responsibility which includes knowing how to use it properly. Case in point, if your weed wacker needs an oil and gasoline combined, you need to know how to properly prepare the mixture.

What’s inside a weed wacker?

If your weed wacker uses electricity or battery, then you definitely don’t need oil. But if you are using a gasoline-powered weed wacker, you need oil, motor oil to be exact. Most of the weed wacker in the market today already have separate compartments for gasoline and oil.

How to mix the gas and oil?

Most people ask if they need to mix both gasoline and oil into the compartment and the answer is no. You have to know and master the right mix first so that you can pour it into the compartment. Here’s how to properly mix gas and oil:

  • Get clean and empty gasoline can.
  • Pour all the oil that you have into the can
  • Gradually pour the gasoline into the can as well
  • Make sure that the mixture is only enough for 30 days
  • After you have made the mix, shake the can to mix both properly
  • Afterward, pour the mixture into your weed wacker

What you need to remember when mixing both gas and oil

Lastly, you have to keep these notes in mind when making your mixture:

  • Always buy the right amount of oil and gasoline to create the mixture properly
  • Double check the manual of the weed wacker to ensure the size of the oil container