TRW ティーアールダブル バックステップ RACING FOOTREST SYSTEMS BLACK EDITION [MCF189RAC] GSX-R 600 [C3] 11- GSX-R 750 [C4] 11-:ウェビック  - 57cec

TRW ティーアールダブル バックステップ RACING FOOTREST SYSTEMS BLACK EDITION [MCF189RAC] GSX-R 600 [C3] 11- GSX-R 750 [C4] 11-■商品番号


GSX-R 600 [C3] 11-
GSX-R 750 [C4] 11-

TRW Racing Footrest Systems
Black Edition
Amongst the most important components on a sports motorcycle are adjustable footrests. The“Black Edition”from TRW-Lucas is a fine example. High-tech footrests that adjust perfectly to suit the individual rider,enabling a professional riding posture,which means optimal handling. It can make the difference between winning and losing.
During the race,the black anodised footrests,made of a high-strength aluminium alloy,have to withstand exceptionally tough conditions. Such as being scraped along the tarmac during extreme cornering,not to mention the forces that act during braking and gear shifting.
Fitting the footrests is quickly done,given some basic DIY mechanic skills and the right tools,and straight away you’ve enhanced your sports bike enormously,both technically and in terms of its looks.
Other good reasons for upgrading your footrest system:
Weighing a mere 700 g,Black Edition”is perfect for racing
Better ergonomics provided by customised positioning - up to 28.5 mm horizontally and 40 mm vertically
Virtually all systems are easily converted to reverse (race-style) shifting
Pre-fitted reverse shifting is available for Triumph and BMW
For all footrest systems set further back,individual components can also be exchanged
What’s more,all TRW-Lucas racing footrest systems come with a TUV component test certificate,so an entry is needed in your vehicle documents!


ステップ GSX-R 600 [C3] 11- GSX-R 750 [C4] 11- TRW ティーアールダブル 10044657
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