If you have been selling with Amazon FBA for a while now and being a little ambitious currently, you might be looking to expand your business to a six figure mark. While it is not easy and not going to happen overnight, you can still work your way into it. Try following the below steps for a steady growth as an Amazon FBA seller and reaching the six figure profit.

  1. Know and calculate numbers

Make good use of the FBA calculator to check viability of your products after deducting all related fees and expenses. The adjusted gross margin should be within 15-20%. You should have a track of all your financial dealings right from when you started the business. It is important that you pay attention to financial figures and calculations so as to understand how your business is performing. All this helps in building and/or changing your marketing strategies to adapt to the need of the hour.

  1. Go online independently

That is, have a brand website of your own. Statistics are proof enough that businesses with their own online website reached the six figure profit margin earlier than others. You can open a site with Shopify easily.

  1. Paid advertising

No matter how optimized your listings are for Amazon and Google search results, some paid ads never hurt. You can sell your products quicker and gain customers too.

  1. Slow and steady wins the race

It is always wise to grow slow but steady. Try not to stock too many products in the inventory at a time. It is sustainable as well. If you don’t get proportionate sales, you are at a risk to incur loss.

If your seller account got suspended, you can learn how to open another Amazon account after suspension from here.


Do you wish to enjoy entertainment in your free time? Are you looking for the ways to have fun indoor without going outside? Indoor fun is actually helping your body relax in the appropriate way. Among several ways, watching movies is the best way to have fun indoors. You can use the movie-streaming site to find and watch the movie that you wish.

Since you are watching movies through free movie apps and sites, much of your energy will be saved and get instant relief from your stress. Even though using movie streaming website helps you a lot, it is necessary to work with the right site. Due to increased popularity, plenty of new movie streaming sites popped out on the internet, which makes selection much harder than before.

In this article, you will get to know how to find the best free movie streaming website to meet your entertainment craving.

Tips to choose the best free movie streaming sites

Whenever you are on the ground to select the best movie streaming website, you must consider the following things carefully.

  • Firstly, you must look for the varieties and available genres in the site because some sites limited the option to certain movie types and styles. This may deny you access the type of entertainment you want. Bear in mind a good streaming site must have all kinds of varieties
  • Most streaming sites are generally free and never make you pay anything so that you can enjoy their service for a long. However, not all sites offer the same service. Thus, before using any particular site, you must check whether it has any hidden charges and subscription.

  • Finally, you must reach the reviews and criticizes come from friends and other people who are used the site that you have in your mind. Always opt for the site that has excellent user rating and feedback

Amusing User Manuals Ever Published

Creation of user manuals has evolved over time. For some, user manuals or sometimes called instruction manuals don’t have to be boring and plain. The best way to engage readers to read such documents and to easily understand them is to create them in an amazing and engaging way. Here are some of the amusing user manuals ever created.

Windows Farm’s Information Design Book

This user manual is designed for urban farming movement. It serves as the guidelines and basis on the methods and procedures of urban farming. What makes it different from other user manuals is that it showcases folded posters, infographics, and other farming journals. Each chapter is sewn across the folded sheet of the paper. Basically, it engages its readers by the design and style of the manuals. The way it is created is quite unusual from other user manuals.

Nooka Manual

This manual is printed out in a big pink paper giving an engaging plus factors to the readers. All the necessary information and procedures can be seen in just one layout. This gives ease to the readers in understanding the entire process.

Swissa Junior Manual

Same as Nooka Manual, this document pertains to the proper usage of a typewriter in a sustainably designed layout. The instructions and process are both printed in just one page allowing the readers to easily understand them.


It is a popular user manual that is hard to understand. This change the traditional way of user manuals are being used. But in the opposite view, this user manual is believed to be the simplest method. This provides shortcuts for programmers to deal with complex and complicated equations and formulas. This is made as a parody for some programming data available in the 1900s, making it one of the most popular user manuals ever published.

Best Site for Download PC Software

You must exercise extra caution when visiting software download websites. They can have malware which can infect your PC system. A good download website is ideally free from spyware and viruses. Below is a list of some websites from which you can reliably download apk apps.

  1. FileHippo

This is one of the most popular and well-organized website that you can trust blindly for the latest app versions, and offers both freeware and shareware. It also offers the FileHippo Update Checker, a great tool to keep all your installed softwares updated.

  1. Softpedia

This website operates from Romania. It offers normal, freeware and shareware viewing modes, and enables users to sort on various filters.

  1. Download

Owned by Cnet, this is the oldest software download websites. It contains apk apps for all platforms, be it Windows, Mac or Linux. It even has mobile apps. The website’s Software section has more than 100,000 freeware, shareware, and try-first download options.

  1. ZDNet Download

This website contains the largest repository of software downloads. And you can download any freeware or shareware from this site. ZDNet also is the most preferred when it comes to downloading technical softwares.

  1. Ninite

This website is known for its safety and security, so you can download the apk file of your choice without any apprehension. It also offers a custom installer file to install the downloaded files and check for later updates.

  1. MajorGeeks

This software download website can support thousands of users at the same time, and is one of the most popular and trusted when it comes to downloading PC softwares.

  1. FilePuma

This website has an easy and clear user interface which helps you to browse through the site better and quicker. It offers an Update Detector too, for checking later updates on installed softwares.


There was a time when digital marketers are able to exploit the internet by increasing their website’s ranks through backlinks. All this changed in 2012, when Google introduced the Penguin update.

What is Google Penguin and why is it important?

Basically, Google Penguin update is an algorithm that detects link spams in websites and prevents it from gaining rank, thereby preventing companies from exploiting the backlink spam. Initially, Google Penguin would run a scan at a specific time interval. But an update introduced recently made the Google Penguin work in real-time, which means it can re-index pages on a constant basis.

The recent update made it tough for SEO practitioners to survive the new SEO world. Here are some tips that brands and companies can utilize if you want to survive the onslaught of the new Google Penguin.

Integrate natural links

Avoid buying and creating links for the sole purpose of increasing social success. With the recent Google Penguin update, SEO practitioners should instead use natural links and set real link parameters for their sites.


            Differentiating your brand from the competition in digital marketing would essentially be proportional to SEO conversions. There are a number of keyword niche finders available that you can use to determine which keywords will work best for your brand and ultimately, SEO rank.

Content and User intent

You have to make sure that your website’s content is exactly what the users are looking. Make use of keywords that you think will be typed in by your prospective users in their queries. This may not essentially lead to higher rate, but it does increase the site’s traffic.

Ads may not always be a good idea

            It’s understandable that one would want ads in their websites for profit. However, you have to be really keen-eyed in choosing which ads can be seen in their websites. Faulty ads and those that trick users into clicking them will eventually lead to your website being penalized on search rankings.

Diy Christmas Gift Ideas For Dog Lovers

Dogs are the cutest creatures you could ever have, it is like having babies on your own but you have dogs. You can dress them up and they are also playful. They are just irresistible and too adorable not too put attention, so if you happen to find a gift for someone who’s a dog lover then here are some Christmas gift ideas.

  1. Personalized Dog Gear

We don’t want our adorable creatures to roam around anywhere and loose its leash. It’s the dog parent’s responsibility to provide them with customized collars but like they said having one too many isn’t that bad. If you decided to wrap them with dog gears there’s a site that you can just shop online and variety of personalized dog tag designs to choose from. Here’s the catch the site has discounted items and codes if you happen to buy for a total of 39$ for information just visit

  1. Weighted Dog Blanket

Since Holiday season is the coldest time of the month you don’t want your dogs to feel cold during the holiday’s right? So it will be a good choice to give someone a weighted dog blanked that will help doggies to warm their selves up and it can also minimize dog’s anxiety. For only59$ visit amazon to know more.

  1. Personalized Sweater

It would sound sentimental if you do a personalized sweater with his/her dog and the owner’s picture but of course you have to ask first their pictures for you to achieve this DIY personal sweater. I’m sure your receiver will find it cute and unique.

  1. Customized Coffee Cup

Your employees will surely love the idea that someone has given a useful thing especially for coffee. To make it more creative you can place a printed picture of a dog on it. For more ideas you can visit corporate gifts wholesale Singapore site.

Creating a Gantt Chart using Microsoft Excel

There are many ways in creating a gantt chart. One of it is through Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel is a very sophisticated app when you want to make a gantt chart. Now let’s focus on creating the gantt chart.

First is you must have your own unit of computer, a tablet is okay but it’s much better if you do in on a laptop or computer. If you already have a free installed Microsoft Excel in your compute we can proceed then. Will if you don’t have yet, you better download and install it on your unit. Let’s get going on then.

Follow the easy steps below in making a Gantt Chart.

  1. Starting up and Filling in – Open the Microsoft Excel, in the spread sheet select a range of column. Let’s see you select C2-C7. Fill in with different numbers the range of column you selected—just for trial. Then follow step 2…
  2. Exploration stage – Explore on the insert tab, look for the chart group. In the chart group, find out the bar and click on it then select the stacked bar. That’s it, a chart will appear showing the content you fill in the first step. You will be amaze as how easy it is to create a gant chart. Continue with the third step then.
  3. Experimentation – If you have followed the step 1 and 2 then you can experiment and make your own gantt chart. Try out another feature on the spreadsheet. That’s the third step!!!

Note: For other reference and other information you can search for online gantt chart maker. Look for other examples in the internet and apply what you have discovered. All you have to do is to browse in the web. Another piece of advice, please do explore other options and other strategies so that making a Gantt Chart will be easy for you.

Even More Reasons Why Android Is So Well-Loved By People

Android is indeed one of the most widely-preferred out of all the software that can be found online. As a matter of fact, there are so many people that avail of this operating system, and the devices that operate on it that developers just can’t help but try their best to double their efforts to develop even more applications. There are also apps which will allow you to télécharger apk sur android to make apps which are made especially for android compatible with it. With that said, what are some of the practical reasons that make android such a well-loved operating system? Let’s find out below.

Support for Multiple Languages

The fact that it can support multiple languages simple mean that it is convenient for a lot of people, and hence it can be understood by people of different languages, regardless of the target language that they speak. Android OS actually supports as many as 100 of these languages, which is far more than the 30+ or so supported by the nearest competing software. This allows for better development of apps for sectors that are geared towards socializing with people, as they call it “people-oriented” sectors.


One of the greatest attributes of Android is that it is really cheap, and will help your business grow without really spending much. The benefits can indeed, be leveraged from Android Devices, and they can also help to address a large audience in the world of Android devices in a matter which is really cost-effective. All that will really matter for those who avail of their services is that they are able to find an Android app development company that is able to customize and make apps according to what is really needed by the company.

7 Advanced Ways To Target The Websites Visitors With Facebook Custom Audiences

Do you understand the meaning of the Facebook custom audiences? If yes, then you must target different kinds of sites visitors by using the FB custom audiences. Well, it can be a quite a complicated task for you, but believe me it is really effective for getting more and more advantages. If you have the website then you must be looking for too much traffic and if we choose the option of the Facebook customer audience then it would be the best option for you.

Players can easily buy Facebook fan page likes by choosing different kinds of packages at different online sources. Now you will check out great sites for a custom audience that you use for getting new sales or lead from your site traffic. You can learn more facts related to the Facebook custom audiences here and enhance your knowledge.

  1. You can easily target everyone who visited at your site it would be a really effective option for you.
  2. Even by targeting the people who visited a specific product page however they haven’t brought that product.
  3. Check out the people that lead magnet landing page but have not to choose it so that would prove really helpful for you to choose them.
  4. The contact page that you have mentioned on the website, there would be lots of people those visits on a daily basis so they will automatically work on it.
  5. Now the time is to check the people who begin the buying process, but they didn’t finish it.
  6. Target the customers those already have brought the product from your site.
  7. Check out all those people who already read your blogs that you have upload while creating the site.

Therefore, by checking all these things you can easily boost the traffic on your website.

Canon EOS R Magic Lantern software hacked within a fortnight of its release on the market

Nowadays software experts are waiting for the launch of every single product and they are hacked within weeks or even days. The Canon EOS R was a long-awaited product which came to the market just about two weeks ago and the software of this product has already been hacked and loaded onto other cameras. This is kind of a great loss for the original investors but definitely, the hackers have only hacked the software. No one could hack the new Canon 80D lenses available in this model.


Unique aspects of the Canon EOS R camera software

The software was a major part of the camera which complemented its high-quality lenses. The software was updated to have features like dual ISO, zebras, RGB histogram, new grids and several such features on this magic lantern software. They have made revolutionary changes with this model where they designed the LED light such that it could be used as a marker. Controlling the camera lenses and dealing with the magic lantern software is not something that newbies can do themselves. Moreover, if you download the software on an unintended device you might end up cancelling the warranty of the device. So, you must be careful while downloading this software on any device for which it is not meant.

This Canon EOS R Magic Lantern software is a unique software which runs through the memory card and has been very popular even before it was launched in the market. This increasing popularity of the product might just have resulted in such an early hacking of the software. The hacked version is now used by many to capture and edit photos and videos. This is excellent software for professional use.